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    There are numerous things you have to consider when you’re a mother of seven. You, of course, have to find creative (and not-so-creative) ways to save money. You have to be nimble and really good about time management. And you also realize on a greater scale than most that there’s a whole other set of generations that have to live on this earth after you depart.

    During one of my many discussions with my husband about all of these things, we realized that cloth diapering was an answer to all three of these concerns. So, we started out on that adventure, which was cumbersome and a bit challenging at the time. The truth of the matter was that the products available when we began cloth diapering were as ancient as diapering itself!

  • So, starting with cloth and pins, I started to envision how these traditional products could be redesigned to make our lives easier, more practical, and a little more stylist. My goals: provide additional one-size-fits-all options for the mom that wants to cloth diaper either full or part time, create cloth diapers/tools that have style and are easy to use. Inspired to do better for my kids, off I rushed to the fabric store, and after a few hours with scissors cutting and a needle flying, I had a pile of diapers all my own!

    In 2008 we accomplished our first series of these goals by launching my patented Ion diaper. And ever since then our offerings evolved with moms to includes the unique patented EcoMax diaper & the Boingo fastener.

    We are constantly dreaming and creating innovative products through our own trial and error, and inspired by the wonderful stories and ideas that moms and dads around the world have been willing to share with us about their needs in this cloth diapering and “raising baby” arena. It’s through real research and help from real parents that our line grows every year. We love to create and design our products to make life easier for Mom’s, Dad’s and their little inspirations! We hope that your family enjoys the health, environment, cost, fashion and ease-of-use benefits that all of our products bring to the family.

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    Stacee M.

  • There are numerous things you have to consider when you’re a mother of seven."


  • Boingos were created by Stacee Magee, mother of seven wonderful children, and wife to one amazing man. As a mom who has cloth diapered for over 18 years with prefolds and pins, the Boingo design had been brewing in the back of her mind for a long time. She now holds the most issued patents for cloth diapers in the industry and is constantly designing new and unique ideas. Now her dream has finally come true and we are excited to offer you our Boingo family of products including Boingo cloth diaper fasteners, EcoMax diaper and prefolds.

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